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First Olympic 5k Pictures online

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Photo's by Speedskating-online from Vancouver getting ready

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Speedskating-online shared some nice pictures of Vancouver getting ready for the 2010 Olympics. Go to their website and check out their photo-album with urban snapshots.

Please visit their website:


New 2010 Olympics photoalbum added to the website

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I have now made a special photo-album for all pictures relating to the 2010 Winter Olympics. Please visit the photo-album and check out the latest trainingspictures. Read Full Post »

January 19: Fire meets Ice

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On January 19th, two-time Olympic gold medalist Catriona Le May Doan hosted  a special celebration at the Olympic Oval. Susan Auch has carried the torch around the Oval on speed skates before handing it over to up-an-coming Canadian speed skater Kyle Yoshida who has also took a lap around the ice with the torch.

Various pictures:

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